About Oktoberfest

DeKalb TX Oktoberfest is a really fun time in the fall when we celebrate Oktoberfest with lots of activities and things to do with our entire community! Various groups and clubs in our community gather together and provide excellent events and activities for this event. As a result of all our wonderful Sponsors and Vendors and volunteers, we were able to Give-Back over $20,000 to these groups!!

The purpose of Oktoberfest has always been to promote and benefit the DeKalb community. Thank you to all of the organizations that helped make Saturday in the Park and Oktoberfest a success in 2021! Volunteerism is the key to our success.

Thank you for serving and supporting our community!

Last year's Oktoberfest Committee gave out over $20,000 to clubs, organizations, and groups in DeKalb Tx! These groups all put on an event at Oktoberfest or Saturday in the Park.